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By SocalmotoriderJanuary 20, in Electrical. First i checked the obvious getting fuel,stop switch and spark which i am not sure but the spark is there but looks pretty faint but seems to jump across.

Sooo hopefully some one has a better idea than me on my next step before i start throwing money around i don't have Haha Thanks in advance. Also bike does appear to have a aftermarket stator and i am guessing it's either a bad coil or stator??? Coils rarely fail, Yamaha CDI's were pretty good as well. At that price, you can't hardly go wrong.

Yamaha WR450F

Wow awesome find, I always seem to forget about Ebay Haha think i will order all of the above just to be safe for that price although i would like to upgrade the Stator or hope the after market one is good that's in there as i would like to eventually get it plated so need to run a headlight.

Thanks i owe you a beer. If you want to run a headlight you could try to find a WR or stator, I bet they could be located at a decent price. One reason I went with the FI YZ was the stator produces enough excess power to run lights for a future street legal project. It already has an aftermarket stator so hopefully that's not the issue. Or if it is at least it can be replaced with the same thing. If I had more time and motivation I would have replaced the coil and sold it for a bunch more!

Lol, glad it went to a good home. Look forward to riding with you soon, Chris! Call or text if I can help. Not sure if the rotors are different. WR stator is the best one, more output than the Thanks for the info. And nice meeting you as well Tim and hope you enjoy your new toy in 10 day's i look forward to riding again hopefully soon. According to Ricky Stator source one coil which is way low means Stator and others have mentioned the bad reading i am getting on the Coil itself is because the number is so low it's hard to get a accurate reading unless using a "real" meter so what do you guys think?

I haven't seen a bad coil on a motorcycle newer thanand I have worked on a few.

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There's a first time for anything, though. Ok so a little update today. I had some time in between doing 10 other things and first of all started with cleaning the carb. Clean the carb again. I had a TTR that I pulled the carb a half dozen times before it would finally run right. Return the mixture screw to the factory setting. If you squirt a few drops of fuel into the plug hole, then get the same results runs for 2 seconds then do the carb again or at least switch the petcock to the reserve position.

If the carb got that dirty it would certainly explain the issue. I bet they got dirt into the tank when they filled it. Sharing some personal grief. You may want to look into the valve timing. I had a 98 or 99 YZ and the camshaft gear is pressed on the camshaftJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

This allows you to run all types of lighting or other accessories that require DC power. Each model-specific kit is plug and play, which makes stator installation a breeze! Shop Stators Choose Fitment. Please Select Shop Reset. Share this product. Electrical System Kits. Trail Tech stators work with flywheels, regulators and batteries to form complete electrical systems. Working together, they can increase the overall power output of the electrical system.

ricky stator wr450f

Take a look at the complete electrical systems that install and work with model-specific precision. Shop Stators. Custom Wound. Trail Tech stators are made from the ground up with with custom built cores and wrapped with high end copper wire.

Thick sheathing and OEM interfacing connectors provide quality and easy installation. Complete model-specific kits increase power output significantly. Most kits are plug and play replacements, no cutting or splicing required. Electrical Systems are compatible with Trail Tech lights of equal or lesser power.

High Output Electrical Systems. Model-Specific Kits Full Electrical Systems Trail Tech stators fit with precision directly in the factory side case Produces more power for lights than the factory stator Complete with OEM connectors, so no cutting or splicing is required. High Performance Stators. More Power for Lights. Performance Flywheels.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by LukeDec 17, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Stators demystified Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by LukeDec 17, LukeMay 2, Thumperamakeepshoveling and jamesm like this.

Joined: Apr 22, Oddometer: ADV Sponsors. LukeMay 3, ChadzuMay 3, Joined: Nov 7, Oddometer: Location: Utah.

RMSTATOR RM22430 Yamaha YFZ450 High Output Charging System DC Lighting Conversion Kit Installation

ChadzuMay 4, You will need to get both ends of the stator windings out without any grounding. I would check to see if the windings are grounded to the stator core. If so you may have to not use those terminals and just solder the output wires directly to the magnet wire. LukeSep 27, That crankshaft sensor looks like a normal EFI setup- a toothed wheel with either a missing or extra tooth in one place.

Look at the flywheel for real oron the parts fiche and you'll see the ring. From the waveform it looks like yours is an extra tooth. It's not like a carbed system where there's just a single magnet to trigger the spark. The lighting coil looks normal too AndrewMaccSep 30, Seriously, I really appreciate this effort.

I read things about stators output good bad blah blah words and I'm flumoxed other than it makes electrons for the always hungry battery. But I want more better lights and heated gear and this is what it takes to get them.

Engineers good, poets LukeSep 30, D-manOct 18, When it comes to lighting up the night the Ricky Stator 8" Universal Race Light Kit and watt high-output stator are the next best thing to towing another class G2 star into the solar system - and way cheaper. We have a bone or two to pick with the fabulous folks at Ricky Stator and we'll get to that right off.

After two phone calls to make sure that the proper kit was shipped they still got it wrong! Where were you when we needed you, eh? The other thing is that the H4 Halogen bulb shipped with our Ricky Stator Race Light lost its high beam filament in the first few hours of use. Fortunately we were able to find a replacement at a gas station and were on our way.

All that aside the Ricky Stator light and high output stator are the shazz. Just don't drop the stator on your foot when removing it from the mailbox.

The 8" Universal Race Light Kit is available in both a 55 watt street legal version that will work with most stock stators and a watt version that requires the high output stator. The light and frame are remarkably lightweight. The unit is well sealed against the elements and no water has penetrated either the seal around the lens or the rubber boot on the back of the bulb in spite of numerous stream crossings, rainstorms, and car washes.

The aiming knob on top is sturdy and easy to operate. Fit and finish are first rate. The low cost makes obtaining and carrying a spare bulb a no-brainer.

ricky stator wr450f

Our light has already been involved in several dunkings and two violent high-speed getoffs and continues to work like a champ.

We had our watt high-output stator professionally installed by the crew at Pocatello Power Sports. The stator is configurable in several different output arrangements and we chose to have it set up to power the headlight and wiring harness for our HID helmet light separately. The folks at Ricky Stator are very easy to work with over the phone and the wiring diagrams on their website are useful, complete and correct.

Everything worked perfectly right out of the box. We had an opportunity to evaluate the Ricky Stator 8" race light on an XRR head to head with its leading competitor on a similar bike during the Tour of Idaho - and based on our brief comparison feel that the Ricky Stator unit is superior in every way.

Low beam left and high beam right patterns are shown below. The stator output is such that even at idle the brightness of the light does not drop off photos shown are at fast idle. Night riding is simply a gas with adequate illumination.

We cannot recommend this kit from Ricky Stator highly enough.Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings. Average of 1 Customer Review. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. What do you think? Share your review. ROY M. Read More. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles.

When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

ricky stator wr450f

BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. BBB reports on known marketplace practices.

Email this Business. Leave a Review. Customer Complaints This business has 0 complaints File a Complaint. Overview This company sells parts for ATVs. Business Details. Simpkins Enterprises Inc. Fax Numbers Primary Fax. Email Addresses Email this Business Primary. Read More Business Details. Customer Complaints 0 Customer Complaints.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by RideMar 29, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. RideMar 29, Proceed at your own risk! I had been running the setup in Fig 2. The dual sport kit was on it's own DC circuit, but the battery would need to be pulled and re-charged every now and then. However, I wasn't satisfied with that, so here we go I bought them for Vincenthdfan likes this. BeezerMar 29, ADV Sponsors. RideMar 30, Thanks for the reply.

This particular RR is not isolated, unfortunately. All lights are LED and the battery is fully charged. I didn't have enough hands to rev it up, but will check that tonight. VincenthdfanApr 25, RideApr 26, I'm waiting to see if the battery is actually getting charged before a final verdict.

I don't trust my circuit tester, though, because it was reading 15v off a 12v battery Stay tuned RideMay 2, My bad circuit tester was running a few volts high, so I had adjusted the output too low. The battery is now fully charged after another day of commuting, so I'm claiming success on this one! VincenthdfanMay 2, RideMay 3, No good pics, unfortunately. CakeDragonOct 29, Has anyone else tried this? The Fig. I'm no electrician but it looks like the frame is either getting AC and DC power to it.

I legit bought all the stuff because you said this works I don't know which components, if any, require AC power and that's my connundrum.

Even the original china diagram is crazy. I guess you're just expected to know that the Points on the Lines aren't splice junctions, they're entire re-routes? RMurphy74Jun 11, Forgot your password? By black sunshineJune 18, in Product Reviews. Just thought I'd throw out another diss for one of the worst aftermarket companies out there.

Ricky Stator High Output Stator - Honda XR400R - 200 Watts

I guess there's a reason why they're half the price of OEM. New RS on my r gave up the ghost after 20 minutes! I'm sorry your just now finding this out. RS is fucking junk. There timing plates break and screw up pickups etc. Stay far far away from them if you can.

Bad part is this happened a little over a year ago. I was looking in all the wrong places afterwards, then just put the whole project on the back burner. So, warranty is now expired, wouldn't be so bad if I was able to recoup my cash! If i can remember right the old ricky stators were fine but "I THINK'' They went with a different owner or this or that something happened and there product went to shit.

If you need a timing plate go with chariot performance. I had one on my banshee that ran fune it seemed but with a new 4 mill cub motor and tuning it in on the dyno I wasnt getting the peak hp that Nate Mccoy said I should. I had a nice flat torque curve from 8K to 10K but it should have made 15 or 20 more hp than it did. Sent the motor to nate and in 5 mins he told me my stator was bad. Got an old stocker and he put it on and tuned it for me, now it screams, totally different bike but was only a junk W Ricky Stator.

It jetted right and had good plug color but didnt pull up top from 9K to 10K. Made about the same hp at as 10K. I just received a timing plate from Jeff in the mail today, and it is a RS. Now you have me worried, although I dont think he would sell them if they were that bad. Has anyone tried to replace just the pickup coil and not the whole stator assembly when they have had problems?

Oh plus they fucking suck, so consider fucking suck!!!! Thank you for taking the time to express your opinions and concerns regarding these issues. We are sorry to hear you have experienced nothing but problems with out Banshee products. We have made several improvements to our Banshee stators over the last year. Many of the problems you had mentioned have now been corrected and are no longer a concern.

As for the flywheel, we are aware that there is a small percentage of failures that have occurred with the rivets. As you know we strive for excellent customers service and our reputation is priceless to us.