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open source content filtering

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Set Up Web Content Filtering in 4 Steps With Ubuntu

Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.The ClearCenter Antimalware Updates service provides daily signature updates in addition to those that are freely available from the community. Research shows small businesses experience, on average, 5 malware events per year.

Recovering from the d This app ensures the antispam engine is kept up-to-date with the latest technique Studies reveal the average employee spends 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity, costing employers thousands of dollars per year, per employee. If you are a business owner, government agency or academic institu DNSthingy gives you granular control over each user's Internet experience. The following features can be applied network wide, or on a device by device basis: Block ads even on mobile devices connected to WiFi Block inappropriate The service allows IPSec to be used in situations where either one or both of the gateways are on a dynamic IP address issued by the ISP or in cases where instability using unmanaged IP This app simplifies an administrators job by provisioning a Google App account while creating an on-premise user account in ClearOS.

In addition, secure and transpa Intrusion Protection takes an active role at the edge of your network. It detects attempts to gain access to your system by known exploits and then pro-actively firewalls your server from the perpetrator.

Having additional attack vector signatures i ClearCenter's Remote Server Backup Service app provides secure, simple and reliable backups to the cloud. All data is encrypted, both in transit and on the storage clusters managed by ClearCenter.

Simple, yet powerful, snapshots allow the administra Remote Security Audit is a service for system administrators to limit the damage potential of corrupted or tampered system files. Reviewed on a regular basis, the audit can quickly notify an admin so damage control measures can be taken in a timely The ClearCenter Remote System Monitor app checks processor utilization, hard disk and memory usage in addition to monitoring ports that should normally be available outside your network eg.

Mail, Web server, VPN etc. The service checks the status A list of repositories available to the server. A software repository is a storage location where updates and new packages can be downloaded and installed on the server. Apps available in the Marketplace are dependant on which repositories are enabl The Software Updates app provides updates for the underlying operating system components.

Availability of updates are dependant on which software repositories are enabled. This feature requires additional public IP addresses from your I The Bandwidth Manager app can shape and prioritize network traffic passing through the server when configured in gateway mode. This app is an essential tool for administrators who wish to implement Quality of Service for services such as browsing,As an IT guy, one of the most common things coworkers ask me is how they can control which sites their kids can access online.

This is very easy to do and free using Ubuntu linux, dansguardian and tinyproxy. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. You will need to configure both of these new applications before they will work, but that's pretty easy.

PfSense Web Filter – Filter HTTP(S) with SquidGuard

Now we'll edit tinyproxy. Finally we need to start the services.

Video Tutorial: How to Configure URL Filtering

All that's left to do now is configure your clients to connect through your proxy. Using administrator accounts and some registry edits, you can prevent these changes from being undone once they're set.

This way you can also completely disable internet access by your client computers by stopping one service on the Ubuntu box. I'll let you figure that one out, it varies from operating system to operating system.

In "Port" field, enter Click "Use this proxy server for all protocols". Click Ok to apply settings, and request a page. Click "OK" 3 times and test your connection. To test whether we did everything right, try going to www. If you're allowed through, great.

Now try going to www. By default this site is blocked, and makes a good test. I hate it when how-tos leave you without a good understanding of what you just did. That said, here's a basic explanation: Step one installed the two apps we'll use. Dansguardian is used for web filtering. You can have a default-deny whitelist setup where only a select few sites are allowed, or you can go with the less restrictive default-allow blacklist model where sites are specifically blocked by URL or by a weighted word list.

This one piece of software has sold my company on open-source, it is very well written and reliable. Tinyproxy provides the proxy server functionality that will act as an intermediary between dansguardian and the internet.

In step 2 we told dansguardian which port to listen on from your clients-port and if the request is approved, which port to pass the request along to tinyproxy on Published by Stephan on January 23, January 23, Last Updated on 1 year ago. As the system administrator of a school, you are constantly faced with the question of how far you should filter content from the Internet.

This question must be answered wherever children and young people have access to the Internet, whether in schools, clubs, libraries, at home or any other public institution. Opinions on this subject are very diverse. It is much more important to teach children and young people how to use the Internet responsibly. This is a very big challenge and takes time. Parents and educators are faced with this task and often do not know how best to approach it.

In some countries, a web filter for schools is even required by law. Therefore, in this tutorial I would like to show you how to set up a pfSense web filter. Download this article as PDF. If you need help to install pfSensecheck out our install guide. For this tutorial we first need an active pfSense installation. The firewall can be downloaded here and installed according to these instructions.

Filtering HTTP connections is very easy and quick to set up. Since these connections are unencrypted, it is possible to examine them well and therefore block them completely or partially. This is a good thing in itself, because it increases security and makes many attacks impossible or more difficult.

However, it also makes filtering for unwanted content more difficult. One way is a conscious man-in-the-middle attack. This allows them to view the connection and filter it accordingly. This concept is used by most web filter solution providers. A user can hardly recognize the difference if the certificate of the proxy server is trusted.A website content filtering solution can prevent people in your organization from accessing web pages that may harbor computer viruses or malware, from cyberslacking, or from viewing inappropriate material that could lead to HR issues.

Most people are unaware of the great volume of security risks that exist on the Internet. In addition to mitigating the risks of web-borne threats, a website content filtering solution can also be configured to control access to websites an employer would not want their employees visiting during working hours. These websites can include online shopping portals, online gambling sites, social media sites or sites containing material such as pornography.

By blocking access to sites containing material such as pornography, employers can also eliminate complaints from employees offended by the inappropriate content. Web content filtering solutions use three different methods to block access to web pages that you would not want your employees to access — blacklists and whitelists, category filters and keyword filters:. Undoubtedly, implementing a web access filter solution is a wise move. However, not all web content filtering solutions are the same.

Selecting which web access filter solution is most suitable for your organization will likely depend on what you intend the website access filter solution to achieve. Other considerations to take into account are the cost of implementing a web access filter solution and the resources you will have to dedicate to manage the solution and monitor its effectiveness. Three key factors when selecting a web access filter solution are flexibility, compatibility and scalability.

As far as compatibility and scalability are concerned, you need to ensure that any website access filter solution you are considering is compatible with your existing system and it can be scaled up and down to reflect the changing size of your organization or its reliance on the Internet. You do not want to be selecting a different web access filter solution in one, two or five years.

Flexibility is discussed in the next section. Irrespective of the size of your organization and the nature of its operations, it is recommended that you select a web access filter solution that is as flexible as possible.

Flexibility allows administrators to set filtering controls by user, user group, department and time. This means, for example, only the marketing department may be able to access Facebook during working hours, but any member of staff can access the social media site in their own time. However, acceptable use policies are subject to change as new working practices are introduced, technology advances, or — if your organization is located in a regulated industry — as new laws are enacted.

Therefore it can also be wise to select a website access filter solution that is easy to configure as changes are necessary. For some organizations, flexibility, compatibility and scalability are sufficient to achieve all the objectives required from a website content filtering solution.

Other organizations may demand more from their web access filter solution depending on their size and the nature of their business. The following is a selection of features you may wish to be included with your website access filter solution:. It is recommended that an organization advise its prospective website access filter solution vendor of its current system specification. With this information, the vendor can supply APIs for integration with existing deployment, billing and management tools.

This will make administering the web access filter solution much easier by user-group or department. Web content filtering solutions should have automated updates and report scheduling options. These features reduce your maintenance overhead and ensure that reports are produced regularly to assist with the enforcement of acceptable use policies. Even if you do not have multi-lingual employees in your organization, it can be advantageous to implement a multi-lingual website content filtering solution.

Internet infections and unwanted website content are not exclusive to the English language.There are various open source anti-spam solutions to prevent email spam. Email spam is unsolicited messages sent by email. Typically, a single technique does not give complete protection from spam. Anti-spam techniques are broadly categorized as 1 those that require individuals to take action 2 those that can be automated by email senders and 3 those that can be automated by email administrators.

OrangeAssassin is a new open source antispam email filtering framework that has been developed in Python. It is a popular open source anti spam solution. MailScanner is a popular open source email security system used at over 40, sites around the world.

Many top government departments, educational institutions and commercial corporations utilize MailScanner. Apache SpamAssassin is an anti-spam open source platform that provides a filter to classify email and block spam. A wide range of heuristic and statistical analysis tests are performed on the headers and body text component of emails to identify spam signatures. The best open source anti spam solutions could be one among the above mentioned free solutions. However, they are not effective against unknown threat files.

Comodo ASG is a cloud-based pre-perimeter defense against spam, phishing emails and virus-infected attachments. Using open source anti Spam gateways is fine as long as malware does not penetrate the organization's defenses. Comodo ASG is available for a free trial. Try For free. No Thanks, I just have 1 PC. Email Security. Open Source Antispam. Apache SpamAssassin.Hi All, I am looking for some advice and perhaps a few suggestions on what would be the best setup to go with for a project I am going to be involved with.

We are looking for a web filtering system that is open source ideally as we are a charity. I need to be able to create a filtered solution that allows me to either block categories of sites or individual sites by users or AD groups including a time restriction feature, ie. It's worth having a chat with some of the commercial guys like Sophos UTM, Websense Triton etc to see what rates they offer for charities and still get support when you need it.

They can be quite aggresive on their discounts. Thanks Martin I will look into Sophos and Websense and see what discounts we could be eligible for.

I will take a look at Smoothwall in more detail as I have just found their YouTube video section which gives some nice 12 minute videos of each section. Brand Representative for TitanHQ.

From the makers of SpamTitan anti spam. We have several charities using both SpamTitan and WebTitan. Worth a conversation perhaps?

The best open source web proxy with filtering capabilities is Squid most other filters have it built in somewhere deep inside. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

open source content filtering

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open source content filtering

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