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Can you help making this guide more legit and useful? This will allow you to skip uninstalling and re-downloading to save time. Once you have 1 or 2 UR units, you may want to stop re-rolling and start playing the game. Each UR unit has different specialties and can work well. The editor of this page checks the notes and update this page. Your name IGN get credited! Tap the button below to see the doc. Google Document. Samsung: How to clear the app data.

Occasionally the color of a crystal will upgrade to Gold or Rainbow. If the crystal is Rainbow colored, a UR unit or vision card is guaranteed. If the crystal is Gold colored, a MR unit or vision card is guaranteed. Summoning Rate with No Rate Ups. Note 2: Units sometimes get rate-up.

Which UR units are best to pull? Hot New Top. Anonymous 15days ago. A really stupid question. And wondering can I keep my previous rolls and re-roll to a get better roll by clearing the app data? Anonymous 15days ago Reply. Good morning WOTV senseis!

I have a question here, is my unit ok? Ive been playing for awhile now, n was hoping to get medi but didnt get the chance tho. This is an old account and only manage to them. So my question here is shud i just continue with my old account or begin a new game? Anonymous 26days ago Reply. It depends if you work or not. The time you spend on the game, you can find a gag job and just buy the character.

Anonymous Reply. Ayaka is having her banner right now, meaning you can buy her shards in the shop. She is a VERY good healer. Sterne is a fast hitter, a good DPS. Both units compliment well with each other Remember to do their hard quest for the shards daily.Aurora Armor.

Height Range 1 Height Area 0. Stats Bonus on Ability Board. Main Job: Samurai abilities. Sub-job1: Lancer abilities. Limit Break Phantom Sphere Fragments 1st 1 40 2nd 1 80 3rd 2 4th 2 5th 3 Anonymous 4days ago. Robb owner 29days ago Reply. I got him, and i have no good light unit.

Should i spend my resourses at him? Which light unit is better than him? Anonymous Reply. I don't go based off others ratings because majority of people are stupid and only look at altema rankings. That being said if you are low on materials wol should be coming in about a month and he is also a light unit and a great tank so if you want to save ur resources for him it wouldn't hurt.

Robbs dps isn't as great as it could be and his def isn't al that great eith. Robb owner. Many people says robb is bad, I believe he can do so much better as a dps any tips on how to maximize him? Submission form. Unit List. Oldoa Aldoa?

I've just played the latest mission of WOTV global, and she's kinda Thunder God's Cape 4. Guild Recruitment Forum How do I get to Chapter 8? Stucked in Chapter 7 Scene 1. YuGiOh Duel Links. Limit Burst. Items Consumables. Awakening Materials.Stern Leonis. Sterne is featured in Judgment Ordeal event. There are only 2 path's in building Sterne. Glass Cannon Sterne a typical unit that excels in huge damage with less defense. This is my favorite build an effective way of using this build is by buffing his DEF or EVA so he can go berserk and rush in to the fight since Odin is now available getting him for this build will definitely be a huge boost.

Lions Armor. Height Range 1 Height Area 0. Total Stats Bonus on Ability Board. Main job: Soldier Abilities. Sub-job1: Dragoon Abilities. Sub-job 2: Ninja Abilities. Limit Break Phantom Sphere Fragments 1st 1 40 2nd 1 80 3rd 2 4th 2 5th 3 Judgment Ordeal.

Ken Reply. Ashan 27days ago Reply. Valkey Reply. Best for PVE is ninja. For PVP either ninja or soldier. But he is very thin. Anonymous Reply.Mediena, Cid, Lucia and Vinera are in the highest tier, since they are widely useable and really good. Engel, Ayaka, Federica, Sterne, Viktora, Xmas Ramada and Xmas Macherie, Gilga, and Thancred can also get into this tier for their functions, but they are taken down a tier for their costs.

Thancred and Greg are both bulky brusiers with decent dmg but they costs more than regular URs to raise. Sterne started off really strong but fell off already since most units gained bulk to survive his oneshots but he remains very fragile. Aileen, Oelde and Robb all suffer from low speed and mobility, which is kinda why they are all on the bottom of the list. Cid is bulky and does good dmg with a def break, but he is one of the slower top tier dmg dealers and needs help hitting high evasion units.

Lucia is a backline dmg dealer with high def penetration that had an arena map, a guildwar map, a raid and an UR vc card dedicated to. Vinera has the best of both worlds with both def break and def penetration, but she requires to be close and personal.

She does have the evasion to back it up though. Additionally, each unit has an elemental resistance. Resistance affects the amount of damage they take when attacked.

High resistance means they will take little damage when attacked with that element, while low resistance means the damage they take will be greater. Jobs determines what kind of abilities and stat growth a unit will have.

But as you upgrade your unit, you will be able to unlock sub-jobs which can be equipped upon clearing stage Characters level 40 and below can only level a Job up to level 6. Character level lower than 50 will only allow to level a Job until level 9.

ffbe wotv tier list reddit

Each job enhancement raises the job level and base stat of the unit. Depending on the job, different stats will be raised. In addition to the stat improvements, job levels are one of the requirements for unlocking new skills and abilities in the skill tree.

ffbe wotv tier list reddit

This will be one of the harder enhancements to fulfill especially for UR units due to the fact that character shards are required for limit break. Job Points JP are needed to unlock new tiles. JP are gained as the unit levels up. The skill tree will feature four different tile types, each differentiated by color.

Support skills are passive effects that you can equip on your unit one unlocked.Note: Make sure the saved game and Facebook account you are using to create the dummy account are throwaway accounts.

MR Characters Worth Leveling! - War of the Visions: FFBE

Android emulator Nox App Player has a multiplayer feature where you can open multiple instances of Android at the same time. These instances will be saved and can be opened at later time. Perfect for rerolling in mobile games. MEmu is a similar emulator and is the generally recommended alternative. Sign In. Start a new game if you haven't. Link this saved game to a Facebook account by logging in into Facebook.

If you have a real Facebook account already logged in on this device, browser or app, make sure to log that one out, otherwise it'll link. That's it. The purpose of a dummy account is to facilitate rerolling process. It's not meant for playing, nor do you ever need more than one account. It will warn you of discarding your existing data, accept it.

Your game will close. Open the game again and your data will reset. Start a new game and reroll. Repeat until you get desired units. Using emulator to play with multiple instances of the game [ edit edit source ] Android emulator Nox App Player has a multiplayer feature where you can open multiple instances of Android at the same time.

Install and open Nox App Player. Link a google account. Click on the "MultiPlayer" button on the menu to the right, near the bottom. By doing steps 2 and 3 you can save a lot of time from previous methods by selecting the "Raw" and switching it to be "Nox1" unless you've changed the name. Keep the original pure so you can repeat this process and use the copied versions to roll. Running multiple instances of the game can be taxing to your PC, so make sure you don't overdo it with too many instances running at the same time.

Click "Stop" to close an instance, or just close out of it like a normal window.

Unit Rankings

It'll be saved and can be restarted at any time. If you are really determined to reroll, you can try using Script Record feature to create a macro of you resetting and rerolling the game. Category : Guides. This page was last edited on 2 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.Stats, degree of resonance, resistance, training board, and magicite.

Table of contents Tier List Espers List. See all 5 comments. CealX Reply. Anonymous Reply. Sit down and calm down with the all-caps, especially since you're wrong. Only SPR determines magic def. MAG affects damage output. Anonymous 18days ago Reply. Magic Attack Up is like someone stated a modifier to a certain attack type every magic based attack or spell. This Mag Atk Up is a modifier added afterwards or how I should say it.

Anonymous 22days ago. How is the sum of the statuses received by a vision card and an esper? I need to understand to calculate the best status I can get with Mediena f. R4V3N Reply. AngelHQ Reply.

How to reroll

GameA1 Reply. Submission form. Unit List.

ffbe wotv tier list reddit

Oldoa Aldoa? I've just played the latest mission of WOTV global, and she's kinda Thunder God's Cape 4. Guild Recruitment Forum Vinera Fennes How do I get to Chapter 8?Sign In. Newbie questions and question whether a certain unit is good or not should be asked in global-help. If you have experience with the game you may freely discuss unit ratings in wiki-unit-ratings. These lists provide a rough estimate of units' utility when used by casual players.

The ratings for attackers are calculated using a unit builder based on specific criteria. Visit Unit Rating Notes. Updates: Read recent changes here. Please keep in mind that each list considers that players have fully ability awakened a unit's kit. Chains with the Absolute Mirror of Equity family. Time limited unit Physical cover tank that can dualcast provoke and cover.

Healer that can also provide stat and elemental resistance buffs. Has some moves that are physical attacks with magic damageavoiding one of the common mage drawbacks. Has some utility, although much of it is stuck behind random unlocks.

Chains with the Chaos Wave Awakened family. Can also serve as an evasion provoke tank, although this will significantly reduce his damage output. Time limited unit Physical fire chainer. Due to the nature of his magnus ability, he will mostly only chain with a dupe. Time limited unit Magic cover and provoke tank. Can dualcast her cover and provoke. Is unusually hard to kill, especially on turn 1.

War of the Visions: FFBE Guide & Tierlist

Physical water chainer. Breaker with some extra utility. Chains with the Stardust Ray family. Physical cover tank with freakishly high durability.

Physical ice chainer with wind as a weaker backup option. Has some minor utility, such as an LB-consuming move that provides one turn of AoE reraise.