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Mercedes empowers smart-home-like camper vans and 4x4 adventure rigs

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Comfortable 25+ RV Camper Bedroom Design That Every People Needs

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.The shower is a little enclosure which also holds the PortaPotty style toilet. Finally, buy a small carpet to place in your wet bath when it is not in use. Most of our showers have a set floor which permits you to determine where you wish to set the waste outlet. In addition, the shower needs to be great for the bathroom size of your RV.

Be aware the marine toilet has to be located directly over the tank. In case the waste tank is too full, it is going to be more troublesome to empty, therefore we usually empty our tank when it is all about half full. At this point, you have all you need to dump the tanks.

Under the toilet itself, you locate the holding tank. RV water pumps are comparatively simple devices. We Need something simple for our camper bathroom like a combo unit for shower and toilet.

This article will help you to find the best way to renovate your Camper, especially for the bathroom. We need a simple idea but with most thing comfortable. Try to install a bathroom combo units for your camper bathroom to keep your small space become more awesome. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Share via. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.A year later, some of the first production motorhomes with MBAC will make their world premieres, showing how Mercedes' latest vehicle tech can streamline vanlife, both at crowded campgrounds and off the beaten path in the backcountry.

Future campers will be able to control everything from temperatures, to lighting, to audio, to pop-up roofs from a touch display or smartphone. With its sights on the motorhome conversion market-dominating Fiat Ducato, Mercedes designed layouts and features of the third-generation Sprinter specifically for motorhomes.

A standout among those features is the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control MBAC system, which gives motorhome converters the technological tools to create a smart home-style environment inside a camper van or larger motorhome.

Mercedes empowers smart-home-like camper vans and 4x4 adventure rigs

Smart-home-style touchscreens, including Eriba's Smart Home system and VW's new California touchscreen, have been emerging in motorhome and caravan construction, and the Mercedes MBAC goes a step further than others by tying together the driver cab and living area. The system allows campers to control and monitor virtually every critical camping feature via the MBUX infotainment display, a dedicated camper touchscreen behind the B-pillars and an accompanying mobile app.

Occupants can use the touchscreens or connected mobile device to deploy and retract the power awning outside, raise and close the pop-up roof, control the audio system, adjust the lighting, regulate the refrigerator temperature, adjust the interior temperature, and deploy and retract the exterior step.

They can also shut off key components like the drainage and gas valves. The system also offers a one-stop monitoring solution for gas level, temperatures, battery level, water levels and solar charging status.

As part of the infotainment package, Mercedes also launches the "Me Connect" suite for the first time in a Sprinter. This opens up standard, cost-free connected automotive services including maintenance management, remote vehicle diagnostics, and accident and breakdown management.

Owners can also opt in on add-ons like in-vehicle Wi-Fi, vehicle monitoring and internet radio. Mercedes didn't have the MBAC system finalized for the initial launch of the new Sprinter, so the first round of production gen-3 Sprinter camper vans that popped up at last year's Caravan Salon were lacking the tech, leaving only Mercedes' own concept vans to showcase it.

Interestingly, Bimobil specializes not in the type of stylish, city friendly camper vans in which you might expect to find a cutting-edge smart home system, but more in ruggedized expedition vehicles. But as we saw with Bliss Mobil's comprehensive domotics system, a connected control and monitoring system can be even more valuable when off-grid. It'll be interesting to see how Bimobil puts Mercedes' tech to use on something that looks like this:.

Classified an expedition vehicle designed for overland adventures, the LBX rides on a Sprinter 4x4 chassis and features an alcove cabin built for long-term two-person journeys.

It includes off-grid features like dual fresh water tanks L and 40La large Ah battery and a L compressor fridge. Each converter will be able to implement the MBAC in its own way, so features and layout are likely to vary by brand.

We look forward to learning more about the Vmax concept and seeing the differences and similarities between how different companies implement MBAC into different styles of vehicle.

Mercedes will make MBAC more widely available to Sprinter motorhome conversion customers by the end of the year. While individual manufacturers will be showing the latest Sprinter camper vans and motorhomes, Mercedes' booth will host a new camper van of its own. The ArtVenture package brings more color to road and camp with aquamarine roof fabric and three sporty graphics options with aquamarine accents. The special models also include matching interior decor and standard add-ons like a power lift-gate and ambient kitchen lighting.

We'll bring back more details as soon as we have them. Source: Daimler. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. In addition to interior components and systems, the MBAC lets users control exterior components like the electric step, pop-up roof and awning.

View 19 Images. The MBAC system utilizes both the MBUX infotainment display and a separate control touchscreen in monitoring and controlling camper systems and components. The living area touchscreen makes it very easy to adjust temperature, lighting, audio and more. Checking water, charge and gas levels with MBAC. Marco Polo camper vans are marketed directly by Mercedes-Benz but converted by Westfalia.

Inside the Marco Polo camper van.The existence of a fish pond can eliminate boredom by watching fish jumping when fed or just sitting on a park bench near a fish pond. In addition, a minimalist The backyard area is generally used as an outdoor relaxing area. Some choose to make a terrace, gazebo, fish pond, to a swimming pool. As parents, we certainly want to provide the best for our children. Because the comfort of the bedroom will give them a sense of comfort when you want to Having an apartment with a balcony is certainly more fun.

Because at any time we can enjoy the fresh air by sitting relaxed in the balcony. Because relaxing in the open air is good for your health. And that you can do at any time Various kinds of ideas to enhance your home can be found easily on the internet. There are houses with modern styles, farmhouses, rustic, and there are still many styles of houses that are based on certain cultures such as Mediterranean style houses, French style, and Summer air feels warmer than other seasons.

And this season swimming is a popular activity. For those of you who live in cities, have your own swimming pool which is certainly a bit impossible. Unless you have a lot of money to buy a large Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and charming.

Therefore they are willing to spend a lot of money to improve the beauty of their homes. One of the important spaces to be improved is the kitchen. And the part of the kitchen that is The Vintage Living Room will make us feel like we are back in the old times. There are many ways to feel back to the old days when you were little. Traveling the summer with RV Camper is very pleasant indeed.

Because we are like moving house, only the size is smaller, but the entire room of the house feels like we are in it, such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. One of Aside from being a room that becomes a place of privacy, the bedroom is also a place where we unwind after a long day of work at the office.

Therefore the bedroom should provide a sense of comfort and Skip to content. Share via.Learn more and get all the specs and other details at Tiny Smart House. You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. Thank you! They did a nice job on this- I love the wood and the interior looks roomy and cozy all at the same time.

Would love to camp in this. Very very nice. Sounds odd but I could actually see this as a full time habitat. Especially if you a regular traveller and had a base where you could store items not needed for the current travels, example out of season clothing.

This would be essential unless you lived in a fairly static area temperature wise because of the obvious lack of storage room.

If this could be addressed with a central base then I could easily see this being a full time home, so well designed and thought out. Add a few solar panels for off grid, water can be carried in the truck, ideal. Beautiful and very functional. I would buy one! I went to the site and enlarged a photo to learn Ford truck appears to be 1 ton dully. Add the air ride system and the weight is handled more easily.

That price does not include the vehicle. I have a small truck, Ford Ranger with a small truck camper on it. I love it, I can go anywhere my truck can go.

I have air bags to better handle the weight of the camper and can inflate them as much as needed. I love the look of this tiny home camper. I would like to know how much it weights given there is so much wood in the interior. I did not see a fridge. Interior lighting? Interior heating? Propane storage?Access demo mode in the application on the main screen and try it in all its glory free of charge.

The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy for local communication with minimal impact on leisure battery life. Wireless sensors for windows and doors, Keyless Go card, siren or third party gas detectors will secure your mobile living. Enjoy the freedom of controlling of your living area using your vocal chords on iOS through Siri.

Not only can you measure gas wirelessly, the gas pad also detects low temperature and slow or sudden gas leaks within your gas box. Besides controlling virtually any electroblock, you can also control water pump and other appliances. Mobile smarthome Have everything in your pocket.

Cloud-free Anonymity and no log-ins. Compatibility Fits in caravan or motorhome. Complexity Wide array of features.

camper smart home

Low consumption Minimal impact on battery life. Cloud-free operation Total anonymity. Track your vehicle Now with GPS! How does it work? Navigate your cursor on the icon. Demo mode Access demo mode in the application on the main screen and try it in all its glory free of charge. Local control The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy for local communication with minimal impact on leisure battery life. Remote control The system utilizes cellular network for remote controlling in the form of text messages.

Security Wireless sensors for windows and doors, Keyless Go card, siren or third party gas detectors will secure your mobile living. Status monitoring See inside and outside temperature, battery voltage, water levels, gas levels and much more. Low power consumption Everything is designed to preserve your vehicle's battery life.

Cloud-free operation No registration, no log-ins and total anonymity when you enjoy your free time. Voice control Enjoy the freedom of controlling of your living area using your vocal chords on iOS through Siri.Sprinter is an extraordinary investment for almost all groups or organizations that have to transport people or cargo.

The Mercedes Sprinter features also consist of several special and sophisticated capabilities. The sprinter created by Mercedes Benz is an ideal alternative for everyone to choose a trip on a large box on wheels. This results in a Sprinter a multi-utility van that can be used to transport passengers or transport cargo because it might. In such cases, people usually choose special runners to sell to ensure the comfort of their family members.

It is possible to even get a customized Sprinter for the material that is modified to suit your particular needs. This van is limited to only 50 mph in city driving as a way to save coverage.

This is wider and more economical than other types of vans. This van has a very good crane capacity and can, therefore, be used to transport several types of goods. This type of van is also suitable for various commercial uses in various industries. This van can also be adjusted according to the intended use.

The Van Sprinter is quite flexible because there is no limit to the different modifications that can be added.

Our Family of Products

Van Sprinter for sale in Florida is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add value to the life of your company or family that will offer you more returns in a very short time. The Van Sprinter has a larger profile and wider interior than the majority of other cargo and passenger vans, making it ideal for a variety of commercial use options in various industries.

Van Sprinter will also come with many security characteristics that ensure that everyone is safe at all times.

camper smart home

Because of their special features, this Sprinter van is becoming very common. Customized Sprinter Vans offer you comfort and class in your style.

In addition, they are available in various sizes and specifications making it easier to adjust. If you are wondering what is a Sprinter van, below are some useful details about vans and their commercial use. One can easily find out the van conversion Sprinter for sale online. Conversion brings the Sprinter to a very different amount of transformation that will surely please anyone who wants to travel with a greater style.

Conclusion Sprinter vans offer several benefits.

camper smart home

In cases like this, the Mercedes Sprinter van can be a good choice. The Mercedes Sprinter van provides a fashionable choice over a conventional minivan. In a convenience factor, nothing can beat the Sprinter passenger van. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Share via.